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Jason Pan

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About Me

Jason, founder of Midtown Properties, Inc., has decades of experience in real estate, sales, rentals, business for sale, and property management.

Jason Pan, a real estate broker and financial consultant, started the Boston Asian Landlord Association (BALA) in 2010 with the idea to provide a forum for Chinese landlords to share experiences and to learn from each other. The group has grown to over 800 names on its mailing list. BALA meets once a month on Saturday evening from 6 -10PM, usually on MIT campus in Cambridge, in the format of educational seminar and landlord discussion sessions. The seminar is free to all who attend.

In the past BALA has discussed subjects including landlord tenant dispute, fair housing, security deposit, insurance, mortgage, 1031 exchange, property values and investment, eviction, tax, property management, renovation/repair, legalizing basement unit, estate planning, wealth management, … etc.

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