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Property Management

We understand that owning and running rental homes could cost landlords a lot of time, energy, and money, especially when it comes to dealing with vendors and contractors, or when you are living abroad. Our job is to save landlord from the headaches of managing your property and tenants.

We manage everything down to rent collection, maintenance and repairs, supervising, tenant’s liason, etc.  Our services ensure to protect your investment by minimizing your cost and maximizing your income. For more questions, contact us!


我们理解拥有和管理出租房对于房东来说是一件耗时间,好体力和开销的事情, 特别是在处理施工团队的问题上,或者是对于居住在海外的房东来说。 我们的工作就是通过给房东提供最好的房屋管理服务,来帮助房东处理一切令人头疼,复杂棘手的问题。

我们提供的服务包括帮房东收取房租,房租维护,修理,监督房屋情况等等。我们的服务帮助房东将房屋出租开销最小化,利润最大化。 如果有其他的疑问,欢迎联系我们。

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